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The struggle of the third brother

Le 12 mars 2018, 05:01 dans Humeurs 0

Three elder brother, is a company to live in the elder brothers, bigger than me. Call him three brothers.

The son of three elder brother already in the county town to go through, dry return line event chair rental, still find an object. Three elder brother bought a building for him in county town, become a home. In the next year, there was a little granddaughter who could make the three brothers happy. The importation of people, the home affairs. The friends and relatives were happy, 'even we, the brothers in the village, are happy, because, by the children, they have grown up a generation, grandfather. Although not the grandfather, but according to custom, give the child "milk", is necessary electronic bidet.

Give the child "milk", many people in the company are to go to three elder brother. Earlier, the children were given "milk", all of which were brown sugar, eggs, cakes, ready-made small blankets, and small clothes. Now go to milk, all must use hard head goods, RMB.

My son's building is on the fifth floor bridal makeup class. It's quite tall. The son's thoughts were all on his daughter. So, the people in the company went to the milk, a wave of children to be sent to, all three brothers are responsible. Three elder brother enthusiasm, good face son, when go, every time is in person to send a person downstairs, sometimes send out building area gate, still have, give dozen a car only.

Come and go, son can't see the bottom, say 3 elder brother: you are not tired, each time send out so far.

The three brothers are in a hurry. Swear it. What the fuck. You are far away, the company is a hundred miles away from the county seat, not far, the other people come, you still fuckin 'too far.

The son is silent, three elder brother also is depressed, how this person move to the county town, the heart zha zha feel far? For this, the honest three elder brother is somewhat tangled.

The struggle of the village

Le 12 mars 2018, 04:32 dans Humeurs 0

The village of wintry day, be Bai Xueyan tightly wrapped, as if did not have a glimmer of life, only at the time of cooking, just have a few families, in the house of the chimney, there will be a wisp of wind coming imperceptibly. The rest of the family, even the snow in the yard did not clean, so there was no trace of anyone.

Mountain is the mountain, tree or the tree, or the village, village road is still the road, but now, don't say is the pole, you are on the waist a telephone pole horizontal sway in the street, also can be to meet with the roadside trees, don't see person's shadow. In the small village of a hundred families, after falling snow, people rushed to the field, went to the building of the county town to go to the cat winter, the village was empty. There were only a dozen families left, so they had to stay. Poor young people, even fighting a landlord, playing mahjong can't save a game. The old peng, who was responsible for running the tap water in the village, was more puzzled. So, you said, is this water still or not? How does this water fit? The key is this water fee, how to collect method?

The autumn wind the remaining

Le 7 février 2018, 09:56 dans Humeurs 0

The autumn wind blows, give a person with a cool, let a person slowly thin unlined upper garment is not suitable, the first few wisp of cool breeze is blowing, and a feeling of comfortable, the wind tight, day by day there is a kind of QiLiangGan, give a person a kind of sadness and injury.
Summer lotus lake, an open lotus fragrance diffuses, people haven't to the Dutch side, smell the fragrance by Chinese, there is heavy rain and strong winds also destroy of several branches, lotus lotus leaf, round with a smile, so lotus open bright and attractive, so enjoy flower people are always you left me, off a batch of another batch, an endless stream, is very lively, bright flowers open master of science hong kongv, the scent of the flowers open, lake tree love flowers signs everywhere, there are those who care, but always someone to fold a belong to your own, people do not say, but despise people with strange eyes, the eyes like than warning signs on the supervision of power, very sweet flowers and flower is very beautiful, although there are a lot of people don't consciously abide by social morality, but still more people cherish the growth of the lotus.
Lotus flowers bloom in the open season, day, it was a hit, another day lotus red, folding all too late, fold a, a moment a booming and out from under the impenetrable lotus leaf aperture, show JianJianJiao, give a person is flourishing, thick deep feeling.
Lotus blooming days, also the bees and butterflies are also much, flying dragonflies, also there are many, more than the bees, butterflies and dragonflies, photography, photo, take, no matter how to lotus as the background, in the Netherlands as the theme.
Some beauty in order to make yourself and lotus, does not fear the HeChi depth, went down to the water, and lotus take pictures of the various positions, keep youth, keep feeling, keep our feelings serviced apartments, is of a special kind of devotion to the lotus, a pity cannot but said of beauty.
Lotus blooming days, the same day as the most visitors, don't think the beginning of autumn day arrived, how many solar terms to wind cold, although people dressed in summer, but the cool contact with the skin, cool feeling is strong, someone says cheerfully, quick to cool for a few days, the summer is really hot dead people, someone lament said, well, another year, think just heat up, to see the lotus, feel haven't had enough, autumn is coming, days passed so fast, and there are many boys and girls to water lotus fold a few branches, tao's eat lotus seed, happily say, are looking forward to early autumn, I am looking forward to for a long time, just waiting to eat lotus seed. They eat and laugh, more than the lotus flowers and the vitality of life.
Made in the autumn of the day is a day the same, the next rain cool a, each a return air, let a person feel a kind of chills the feeling of coming to body, autumn comes, the wind gently, sometimes will blow down a few lotus petals, after a few days, August 15 is not yet finished, lotus lake flowers, there is no a few flowers open.
Spend a little wine school, little bee, little butterfly, dragonfly is less, less people a lot of, have no lotus, people from walking by the lake, also in a hurry, look a diagonal, scanned the li lotus pond, that like the flower in full bloom, want to stop the step of every steps, enjoy the flowers, full of lotus pool, flowers in general appreciation is the same, when you carefully appreciate, actually every flower and each one is different, each have romantic features in people's eyes, oi-lin people, because the silt but not imbrued, di qing lian without demon, compare yourself to a lotus noble elegant.
That is how things are, when they are high, when they are low, when they are prosperous, when they are weak, when they are round, when there is a lack of time, things can never be the same.
The beauty of the lotus, fragrance also not flee to the process of decay, bustling also skip the rebirth of nature, lotus beaten, the rest of the black lotus also slowly lowered his head, lotus seed may be dried in the wind fell into the water, next year is a lotus, birds can also be a work, leaving only a big joke, when run out of the green bar, only wither of pole, the wind blows on the waist, leaf is the same, dry yellow, folding, quite early soft spines, stormy weather doesn't count, when arrived at the end of life, the autumn wind is gently blows, fold the waist, leaf immersed into the water.
Promoted the old love, should go to everyone, but still not forget, there are a lot of people, in the days of lotus blossoms standing in front of you, when the day of your downfall, still standing beside you, appreciate your love in the past, appreciate you another kind of beauty, today did not abandon you, leave you, when you flowers, stay away from you, let you more beautiful, more cheerful Dutch people, when you failed to be close to you, help you fold a bad bar, characters, though, but emotions are to know each other, and understand.
Occasionally a butterfly flew past, unwilling to leave is reluctant to part, may be a deep feeling of wishes to you, wish you get together again meet again next year, fly a bee, may also have to goodbye, until next year chun xia, we also meet here, a few ducks swimming once in a while, a see someone, suddenly went into the water, as if in said, summer to autumn is coming, don't worry, facing the cold in the winter I will not leave you, accompany you forever.
Flowers fall leaves beaten, tall also broken, although there is no past that kind of love, but the Dutch are show another kind of beauty, quietism, blowing with the wind, to reveal a space, drawing is not the best from the eyes of one thousand people, but a photography enthusiasts, the remaining more beautiful, making the vicissitudes of life, make feeling of life.
Leaf, beaten, lotus pond is different, can see the birds, groups of wild ducks in the water, and sometimes into the water, from time to time surfaced, birds fly, looking for their own things, it is difficult to find in the photographic fans of this time. Could get a lot of good lens, although can't be in the big KanDa newspaper display style, but a good lens, the mood of the harvest is please don't say, mainly is a kind of harvest, a successful, others do not feel a photo in the past, it's not easy, can have the opportunity to shoot it now, with the aid of the era of high-tech, can reflect the pursuit of the mind, start a blog, published his work, may is the life of a big happiness.
Most of people living in the past is to use sample words expressing feelings, express feelings, or pictures captured by photographers with good photo now express feelings, is the change in the nature, looking for a kind of happiness.
Take a residual charge, and then take a residual charge, each and every one have a difference, it's not real, but the life of solidification more were taken by reflect your own inner emotions, use pictures to tell people the understanding of life.
The remaining photos, very beautiful, records the time footsteps, solidification time mark, let people see the lotus pond blooming days, also can enjoy the remaining to people's revelation, let people to understand the change of life.
Remaining in the autumn wind, watching the remaining to a corresponding rely on each other, seems to make people appreciate each other at the end of the day, as their more standing straight, mutual help, may also fall, there is a force, let the other side in the stand up straight for a few days, apart form, sketch a desolate beauty.
Someone standing by your side for a long time not willing to leave, may be the feeling of the scene, thinking of your own past, see your present appearance and you have the same sad.
There may be a lot of people who appreciate your beauty in autumn, and inspire your own understanding of life. Life is a life, and there are different lives and different feelings.
When a person is young, no one will think that he will have an old day, when the old is coming to himself, it is just a fond memory of youth.
When the winter comes, the wind blows, the snow is blowing, the ice is frozen, it may show.
It is a kind of beautiful flower of the jade tree, once the flower becomes rotten, becomes the nutrition, nurturance the new charge of the next year grows more, is also a scene.
Tomorrow's lotus lotus branch is what kind, I don't know, but I see the remaining today is very beautiful, help each other, trust in straight, the autumn wind blows, and a new model, I suddenly realize image of people for beauty, let the barber shears various hairstyles to represent the United States, the autumn wind is not a stylist, give the remaining a new image.
Remaining lotus is very beautiful, is set in the nature of a picture on the wall, a day of wind, rain, is to make the thick ink color of the nature of the remaining painting better, let nature more beautiful pictures, to entertain people appreciate the vision.

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