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Early autumn sky

Le 28 November 2018, 07:27 dans Humeurs 0

In fact, in the busy modern fast-paced life of pursuit of fame and wealth, it is a kind of luck, but also a kind of happiness, to be able to slow down and calm down and look at the early autumn sky quietly. Facing this early autumn sky, some people say it belongs to poetry, others say it belongs to painting, and I would say it belongs to the heart.

Early autumn sky blue like water, the kind of watery blue, really like the sea level hung upside down, blue pure, blue soft beauty, blue to let people heart, blue can catch your eyes and heart in a short time, let you involuntarily fall in Super High Efficiency centrifugal chiller, after cannot extricate. There won't be too many white clouds, but the occasional few appear just right, such embellishments, just like a few waves billowing on the sea level, the blue sky and white clouds in front of me are a painting, a smart painting, in the hearts of people who can understand her create a kind of extraordinary and refined beauty.

In all the year round, that one of the few clear, give a person a kind of pure feeling, now everything seems to be a wash one's hands, that is by inside and outside clean, from the filters through the bones of autumn, a person silently gaze to the sky, we watch, will send you the whole people and the whole heart, can give the clean. Even the drop of dewdrop, to your eyes and heart, still brought is mingche and clean company incorporation, in the sunrise of the shining light, is so dazzling, this crystal dewdrop, ah, more like the summer do not willing to leave, when a few tears left, on the blade of this grass.

It is no wonder that so many literati have had a special liking for the autumn sky since ancient times. For such a landscape, they would not hesitate to use ink and brush to leave behind the classic works, which are still nourishing people who live in the world.

Autumn wind, blowing away in the early autumn sky, the wind at the moment is the proof of their existence and meaning, don't like summer, even if a wind blowing, excessive heat, that they won't have too much sense, also don't like this, the autumn wind blows gently, there will be a while the chill in my arms, give a person the comfortable is also from the inside out, now is early autumn, also won't appear in your eyes that late autumn sad picture, the tree is still a lush leaves at the moment, the grass is still green, the fragrance of flower bud, also blooming in their missish, even with autumn rain greeting them, It only adds a touch of poetic sentiment to the picture.

Really, I prefer the rain washed the sky, even if the wind is blowing, the senses can bring you endless joy, the joy, is on a hot summer day no matter how you feel, you smell, in the cool autumn wind would not only came to you in the air and the fruit is sweet corn, even if just gently suck on a bite, also can let a person get drunk not awake! Autumn gives a sense of harvest, always so only.

During the years in a foreign land, every autumn, my heart will somehow lonely and cold, while in the city have been together for more than twenty years, but his share of the love in my heart, not only did not decrease, but instead increases, at this time looking at the city of the sky Master of Architecture hong kong, always can't help but think of the sky in the country, in the small courtyard, mature grapes, pears mature, there are so many fruits ripen, sitting in the courtyard, he thinks he is free, they think is the real master here, but living in the city for so many years, I've never had this kind of feeling, The tall buildings of the city are too high and hard, facing them, I am so small and insignificant. It's not like this country garden, the owner of this little yard, it's me!

In the night sky, stars dotted with stars, in the autumn night, still there will always be the moon came out, either curved round, or before and after the Mid-Autumn full moon, were so bright bright, plumes of moonlight, the frequent locust ascended, waves of cool wind coming in this courtyard, let a person feel the most real quietly earthly fireworks.

Father always love bubble up a pot of tea, then pour in a cup, then snapped his long stemmed Chinese pipe in the night, in this night tea with fragrant tea, this is belong to the country unique slow, in the city of anxiety, people are more drinking and dinner party, but a person to sit down and enjoy the tea, it is belong to the dream of most people.

I love the sky of this early autumn, more love the earth under the sky of this early autumn, this warm harvest, this beautiful autumn, this kind of quiet beauty of autumn, bring you not only the surprise of the eye, but also that from the shock of the heart.

Experienced the vicissitudes and sufferings of this world, can have this time of maturity and harvest. Autumn tells me so!

The reed is long with snow and autumn water

Le 28 November 2018, 06:57 dans Humeurs 0

The soul is the heart of the autumn, autumn is the soul of nature. If you ask which kind of scenery, the most can cover the flavor of autumn, is that the winding ancient and modern, criss-cross eight wild autumn water.

The autumn water comes from the book of songs, dappled with Dan Dan light smoke. "Reeds green, white dew for frost. There is a man on the water side. The him stand water Si woman, xian, hand, wrist is coagulate fat 皜 of frost and snow; Bright eyes, is a green autumn water; Fluttering clothes, also seems to be flying lingbo fairy. The man of autumn water is like a reed, yellow and thin. One is flying all over the sky, with the flow of frost together, gently, gently, dizzy catch like autumn water by the same clear sorrow...................

Autumn water in zhuangzi pushui quietly flow, yingying, precipitation clarity and quiet. Facing the command of the king of the state of chu, zhuangzi stood at the water's edge, trying to persuade himself to enter the state. Clear water bath Germany, autumn light nourishing. A bay of autumn water, a fishing rod, let him thoroughly understand the swaying of the precious free. Clear the water, you can wash my tassel. In the clear sky, the beautiful scenery of the mountains and waters, pillow stone clear flow, let the moral tree, guard the moon of the heart, algae clean as the autumn water as meaningful, by implication, profound thought.

The autumn water bubbled with the laughter of the raccoon girls, reflecting the whirling of bamboo, heavy and mottled zen. "The world has three autumn waters, flowers and trees a bodhi". Benevolent happy water, the purity of the autumn water, the cloistered secular turbidity; The warmth of autumn water, contrast with the thin cold human; The endless days and nights of autumn water reflect the ceaseless and eternal path of "the deceased as the ghost".

Go to the waterhole and sit and watch the clouds rise. In the autumn water side quiet meditation, the poet wang wei always in the clouds between the flowers smile, hedgerow in the depths of love. How to be in the world white cloud dog's dream-center clear as water, a stream definitely warm? Only listen, the flower is silent; Only see, autumn water pulse.

Autumn water by a leaf fishing boat spread gently, the waves of the green, a pool of soft silk. The fisherman's woman, gather the wire mesh, also harvest the fish. The fish, with its tail up high, leaped in the girl's arms and swayed the boat till it was as if a drunken man were swimming in the middle of the water. Do not be afraid, let the boat from the flow, anything, that reeds snow autumn water, is poetic habitat.

Fishing back does not tie the ship, the river village autumn water is sleeping. Though a night wind blowing, only in the reeds shallow water. The autumn wind is gathering strength, the autumn color is just right. Hold a pair of autumn water shallow drink, savor the life of ling ling blue ying ying.

In reality, the children meet the most beautiful

Le 12 October 2018, 05:19 dans Humeurs 0

Breezes slowly, again as the date sent away hot summer, ushered in a cool early autumn. Time, again and again; Age, but never need to work hard. But everyone's life is slowly changing. One by one grows up in the parents warm caresses in the elementary school student, has upgraded to the middle school student in a twinkling.

Five days of military training, the day is like years old. Finally received the child, although she looked tired, but smiled mare flowers. Sitting on the sofa, listening to her tireless lectures on military training. "Do you know, mother? This military training, I think a lot, let me grow a lot, Registered Address at the same time, let me learn to think, exercise my willpower. I think I've become strong!" Later, there were tears in her eyes, but I saw the light and confidence in her eyes.

On the afternoon of August 27, it was the first time for me to formally send my child to school. It was also the first time for me as a parent to walk into the campus of zhengzhou jingkai experimental middle school. Walk into, clean and neat environment, let a person find everything new; Enter on both sides of the small trees and meadows, will there be children reading in the morning? When passing through the corridor, a male teacher saw that we were carrying luggage, he guided the class position enthusiastically, and felt warm in his heart.

After guidance, we found our classroom. I was deeply relieved when I successfully handled all matters related to freshman enrollment. From the guidance teachers, head teachers and dormitory administrators teachers, each are amiable and approachable. That night, the daughter called with the teacher's mobile phone, saying she was good at school. The telephone man could not conceal her excitement.

The first week of school was mixed. Happy at the child said everything is good, worried about the details of school life do not understand. Do you worry about your child's clothing, food, shelter and behavior at school? Is the school management rationalized and humanized? In the days that followed, I learned more about the school. I saw the strict quasi-militarization of the management of students in the experimental middle school,Air Cooled Screw Chiller and completely eliminated all my worries and worries as a parent. The parents of the students in the first time, I also saw the real changes in the pace of study and life of junior middle school students and primary school students. At the same time, it is also true to see the hardships and difficulties of being a teacher.

Based on the vision of "being a education with character and a school with temperature", the school aims to "strive to make every teacher and student of excellence" and the school motto of "each is beautiful and united with the other", and strives to create the most suitable development environment and growth atmosphere for every child.

"Mom, we need to bring dancing clothes this week. Our dancing class is beginning to train." Get together through open experimental middle school,Abbott Eleva still from the daughter attend the dance that opens experimental middle school to recruit students to begin. Knowing that my daughter's basic dancing skills can be continuously trained in school club activities, I have seen that the experimental middle school is a real power to accumulate talents for each student's tomorrow. To provide each student with the education that is best for their development. We need to create a path for each child.

Life, like a picture scroll, opened through the experiment middle school is the children warm home. The arduous military training life teaches students to be upright and patriotic. Teachers, give up time with their children to be the mothers of students; In the restaurant, children eat without residue and eat without words. On the playground, there are students lively and vigorous figure; In the classroom, there is the sound of them reading books together; Self-study at night is the quietest learning picture for children. On the field, see the athletes incomparably confident heroic; In the dormitory, the small home that has children to decorate is extremely warm... I believe that the children in the school will gain their own growth and happiness.

Children, in this land of the real, bloom!

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