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Live as you like

Le 17 mai 2018, 06:13 dans Humeurs 0

A person walks in the lane of time, see the flower to enjoy the rain fall, sometimes will be lonely, sometimes also will be vulnerable, that is to touch the most authentic self.

I also yearned for the snow in the silver bowl, looking for the past in the flowering crabapple, but after all, life is full of human fireworks, giving you a flower to open, will also give you a cold rain.

Slowly learned to be in the steep spring cold, looking for warmth, at the corner of the season, looking forward to the years of new branches.

In middle age, time is long, knowing calm and stability, is tired but full of hope, but not afraid of fate Designated Representative.

If a grass is blown by the wind, it will still stand upright, live, and live better.

I have always had faith in my heart, strong in my efforts, unwilling to let others see my sadness, the mood occasionally will be lonely, but not lonely, the soul, I dare not sink.

Alone time of the door lint, boiling a pot of years of tea, the years of the past, not thick, no matter warm and cool, the face of the lead, cherish the company and understand.

Perhaps life, is a long walk, there is always a person, accompany you sad, listen to you happy, there is always a meeting, do not have the foundation, just say like.

The place of the water, there is a person to appreciate, in the warm sun, there is a poem to ask willow, time, always in the change of color, and warm, always in.

Soft and delicate time, always in the life of the fragrance of the sleeve, let people miss and look back.

Once was so eager to arrive, looking forward to meet the beautiful, but now learned to retreat green, face the reality, feel happy apartment hong kong, be kind to the joys and sorrows.

Every day that has not danced, Nietzsche says, is a betrayal of life. Life, a mountain of water a journey, long distance, lonely or busy, is a kind of self - completion.

The maturity of a person is not to make himself perfect, but to learn to bear.

In this way, I have learned to play it lightly, to be quiet, to learn to be easy, to learn to laugh in the ordinary.

The red dust is always too deep, but I am clinging to the simple, the life I desire is to see the mountain is the mountain, see water is water.

True feelings to each other to please, not in the communication, I appreciate the work pay, hate something for nothing, I hope every effort will be respected, eager to sincere get along with between people, I like as you sow, so shall you reap the simple life.

In the spring, opened the window, can smell the smell of the sun, in the summer, sitting in the courtyard can find a cool and refreshing, in the autumn, and understands the people see the river down the yen, winter, sitting near the fire Sheung Wan apartment, quietly listen to the voice of the snow fell.

Only if you know yourself and know what you want, you can protect your heart according to your own will.

To appreciate the sentence, the peace of mind is the quiet earth, hoping that everyone can approach their own will to live, the real beauty in it.

May your life be bright and not sad. May you live to be what you like. May you find happiness in this world.

Home feeling

Le 17 mai 2018, 05:56 dans Humeurs 0

Everyone has his hometown. No matter how many years, no matter where they are, they will always be in touch with their hometown. Even if the light is like the east slope, although there is "life everywhere should be why, should be like flying hongjian snow mud. Mud accidentally left digits, hon fly which compound gauge "bold, may also have" it is like snow, the children of judah also home "homesick thought of return, and more like us, not to" go home often ", but still with the hometown. Especially those who have "green window is like flower", wait for oneself of person, even do not need to persuade to "early return home". It can be seen that hometown has an extraordinary charm for everyone. I go school from the age of ten, to take part in the work, although is not far away from home, but the time went quickly over thirty years, also calculate the second floating brigade, feeling quite a lot in the heart, in general, there are so few.

The first feeling in my hometown is beauty. The longer you feel, the deeper you feel. Just like the black-and-white photos hidden in the album, there is a blurry and clear beauty in the wake of the midnight dream. People say that girls are the most likely to dream about their hometown. My hometown is in the west of songshan mountain, the source of yingshui, has beautiful natural scenery, also has the rich history accumulation, is really a beautiful scenery place. The two rivers hug, the river has no knee, clear to the bottom, a piece of clothing can be washed for a long time, until the adults are scolded to leave. But the children of the present day have not experienced it.

The second feeling in my hometown is warm. Every time I went home, the villagers, big and small, old and young, greeted each other with a chorus of greetings. Often at the entrance to the lane, I can't wait to shout: niang. The long tail sounds in the alley far away, the mother hears the voice, the father, sisters meet and enter. If it was winter, my father would often have a big fire in the yard, and the family would sit around and talk about their homely, homely and warm heart. This feeling, in the concrete jungle, "into the small building into a unified" era is also a luxury.

The third feeling in my hometown is change. No matter how nostalgic people are, the change of hometown can't stop anyone, and everyone wants to see it. Today's hometown, the road has widened, shopping convenient, life is rich, the concept is also quietly changing. Childhood bestfriend, far away, one by one as a continuation of the boys in the go for gold in the spring tide of The Times, the old people to be older, but there are more boys and girls grow up. "Children do not know each other", sentimental, more is joy.

There is also a feeling of pain in my hometown. "The luoyang talented person is old", wei zhuang is needless to say, but "not old mo return to the country, return to the country must be broken intestines" also carry with deep homesickness of pain; Things change, people are the most experienced. It doesn't matter.

I can't finish my hometown. Remember as a young man saw a movie, called "the last noble,", the heroine li tong in Venice, I met an old man who lived in Shanghai Russia, all has the feeling of nostalgia, and we are not far away from home, "often know what home", how can not hometown has all kinds of feelings!

The struggle of the third brother

Le 12 mars 2018, 05:01 dans Humeurs 0

Three elder brother, is a company to live in the elder brothers, bigger than me. Call him three brothers.

The son of three elder brother already in the county town to go through, dry return line event chair rental, still find an object. Three elder brother bought a building for him in county town, become a home. In the next year, there was a little granddaughter who could make the three brothers happy. The importation of people, the home affairs. The friends and relatives were happy, 'even we, the brothers in the village, are happy, because, by the children, they have grown up a generation, grandfather. Although not the grandfather, but according to custom, give the child "milk", is necessary electronic bidet.

Give the child "milk", many people in the company are to go to three elder brother. Earlier, the children were given "milk", all of which were brown sugar, eggs, cakes, ready-made small blankets, and small clothes. Now go to milk, all must use hard head goods, RMB.

My son's building is on the fifth floor bridal makeup class. It's quite tall. The son's thoughts were all on his daughter. So, the people in the company went to the milk, a wave of children to be sent to, all three brothers are responsible. Three elder brother enthusiasm, good face son, when go, every time is in person to send a person downstairs, sometimes send out building area gate, still have, give dozen a car only.

Come and go, son can't see the bottom, say 3 elder brother: you are not tired, each time send out so far.

The three brothers are in a hurry. Swear it. What the fuck. You are far away, the company is a hundred miles away from the county seat, not far, the other people come, you still fuckin 'too far.

The son is silent, three elder brother also is depressed, how this person move to the county town, the heart zha zha feel far? For this, the honest three elder brother is somewhat tangled.

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