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Vicissitude of appellation

Le 24 août 2018, 09:08 dans Humeurs 0

The years in a hurry but always in casual on the past with you and take away everything, the place will always leave this and that trace. We swim in the time's river by water and the years that we are changing, and the fuzzy to clear from the beginning, slowly moving to fast, such as water of countless streams such as turbulence, so you can feel, dust, accompany with you hand in the title, is not only the time's change, can let you feel more time on changing appellation is filled with the flavor of life, bittersweet.

Let you feel years of lovely, years of terrible, years of ferocious. When we are young DC motor speed control, we always feel that the old is far away from us, so many abundant beautiful youth, there is enough time for us to indulge in red wine and green, also happy to enjoy the happiness of youth without sorrow. That "small zhang, small zhang" the appellation, is full of the youthful vigor again, celibate dissipation does not have no care and unbound free and easy.

Later, I tasted the bitterness of sweet love and lovelorn love for the first time. In passion and happiness, I stepped into the red carpet for encirclement. In the encirclement, there was the midnight baby's cry and the endless nagging of the wife. The change of title is accompanied by the increasing weight on the body. Once a man is over thirty, the years will be like a roaring river, and no one will stop him.

Some people say that time is a thief, just in the beginning is you unknowingly stole your youth Mutroid. To later on when you can't see the blatant stealing, hollowing out everything you. Until one day you steal nothing. Time so with a year, a month, a day of the scale, the transition is fleeting, in a hurry. Your title in people's eyes; Changed, become full of firewood, oil and salt, fireworks taste of the appellation. You are a son, you are a husband, and you are a father.

You don't belong in your youth. You're carrying the burden of your entire family. The old and the young are reaching out to you. That title is no longer relaxed, turned into a heavy, but also full of the smell of sweat, tears.

The years also is in you casual between, make that take old mark furrow imperceptibly on that day climbed your forehead, on the temples appeared a silk white hair. Not only face slowly aging, but also that title gradually with a strong old taste. The title changed from zhang to zhang Hong Kong bookkeeping. When people from call you small, to call you old man hou, perhaps you also indignantly ask, I really old? When you look at the real you in the mirror, you find that you are really old, so terrible.

A feeling of sadness and despair at the end of my life made me want to find a place where no one could cry. When I was old, I became so sad. The vigorous and vigorous young man is no longer, but an old man sitting on a park bench, being pursued by the years towards the end of life. No matter how many troubles, even so many sufferings, people still have too much attachment to this world. Time will take you to another world whether you like it or not.

Terrible time from your birth to rush after you, perhaps you also revel in the people call you young man, across the stream in a short time you were called old man. The title had a bitter taste, a helpless taste.

Father's great career

Le 24 août 2018, 08:57 dans Humeurs 0

It is the face that experienced vicissitudes of life, it is the achievement that struggles a lifetime most, it is the confidence that wants to live better than others most, also the footstep of father's whole life. Through the ignorance of mass production, through the era of not enough food and clothing, you know how to live frugally and work hard. You used to say that houses were built when I was born, but they weren't built until I was ten. E.g.on the night we entered our new house, our family moved into the new building. Years later, I can imagine my father's pride that night, when there were few buildings in the village. Yes, you did.

A person, farming, alfalfa, corn, as a cleaner car driver. Never tired of Shouting. As time passes, we are all grown up, but my father is getting old. In the fight against disease, again and again between home and hospital reincarnation.

That day came too soon for me to accept, let me forever regret, let me forever hate myself. For more than 40 hours, I was there to go, to dream, to meet you, to go back to your bed, and I saw my childhood.

I can only see my father in the dream, in the dream, everything is not over, everything can be reincarnated.

A man, a father, a woman, a mother, a home, us. Father's great career! Today, I think of my father.

The nunnery goes into the bathhouse

Le 12 juillet 2018, 07:57 dans Humeurs 0

Su nan had no money, and there was not much bathhouse, but su bei's bathhouse was full of romance. Yancheng people like to add a person to the back of the bathhouse. "bathhouse" is not a bed - to - bed building, but the yancheng dialect. The legs and arms of the brain round shrimp, as if this "son" a long stretch, there is a smooth and stable compromise. Yancheng people like the stability of the present world in this red tape.

Today we are talking about this bathhouse, the ground director ba lu Serviced apartment Central. Here feng shui is good, along the way, is the nunnery for all sentient beings. Nunnery "get temples", the original is not big, there is a small nun and gold round glasses, twist the pinch of laundry detergent to ocean blue (frock, round collar collar waist wide sleeve width) after washing clean, help out the door immediately, let often gather together to put together the hungry ghosts who spit fire wild monk saw, is not tied to spirit, seven top eight down, into a pile of Christ. Because of small temples, answer the prayers of live alone, can do no more, please foreign monk booths together, often be eight wild monk don't avoid seven meat, are just make a living, eyes rolling up and down on small nun, great charm diamond sutra heart sutra stare blankly fahua sutra, suppressed their worldly desires, dreams but changing meaning into corners of the mouth laugh, there is no blossom. The little nun is still round and clean as water, well water does not break the river, under the same eaves, each sings his own song.

There was an active nunnery, and the opposite bathhouse seemed to be in luck. It is said that it was originally a small auditorium, the boss down to hire people.

First monohydrate shall burn, and some bathrooms alternately alexopoulos and not very hot under the feet are different, their constant temperature water in the pool, open the curtain, white dew water vapor, full pool and sauna, water is a little hot serviced apartments hong kong, a little grind heavy shoulder in the water, and connect fully. The second runner is smart. Boss poached from teacher training school young liu, liu young lad, but a baby face, to do things, chief thousand hundred li versatility, took the fly the smoke, when on a towel, lift the curtain call into the bath guest, in a few words echo impatient to add water potbellied guy, dazzling, but in an orderly way. At that time, the bathroom was just opened, the boss invited him to the ceremony, half of the river and mountain rely on his small talk, old acquaintances rushed to him, the hall for a while car and horse noisy, not very lively.

There are other bathhouses that rely on their skills to eat in the bathroom. Revenge three child dwarf, but small oval faces, people smile, hands and feet, not drinking, mi a little drink and crazy, but not sass people be overbearing, but with two guns li xiangyang. Usually full mouth run train, said to rub back five down two, one wearing a hat. The showman called him a maggot cheater, and it was your turn to talk nonsense. He did not reply. He was busy picking up food in the bowl and bolting it at dusk when there were few guests in the running hall. But he is not a joke on stage, but a good adjustment.

Nearby have convenient snack, must run a hall to take care of, take a shower easy hungry stomach, order two eggs of five fragrant incense, or a bowl of yangchun noodles, is also a common thing. He who eats and is full may tell tales of wild history.

Unfortunately, there aren't many good lobbyists Aqua Peel. It's not as good as the refresher school bathhouse, which is an old town with a lot of money. It's more of a place where you have your own cell phone and you don't like to talk to each other, but there's a punch line. For example, Hillary Clinton lost and trump came to power. A scrawny old man, lying on his couch with a bundle of rolled towels on his head, puffed out a yellow Nanking cigarette and smoked dirty, mused that trump would have a hard time being President. The side of the speech, the general idea is not very good. Someone asked why. The old man replies casually, so trump is a psycho, can we live better? His words were taken down from the mobile news to add to the bitterness of the nation, so worried people like a dynastic old man.

Some people wonder how the green turnip bathhouse is not sold, but radish is a small winter ginseng ah. Liu's explanation, the radish should fall after frost crisp, he is particular about. Another asked, "the abbot of the nunnery opposite has been dead for more than twenty days. It is almost forty-seven days. Sany grinned badly and nudged the fat monk who snored like thunder. Good wine and good meat at noon, a red ticket to hand, to sleep here until the evening, the heart of a group of idle people, envy dead.

Maybe the nunnery in his dream is still low in the nunnery. The little nun is smiling like a flower. The wooden ladle at the edge of the bath was swinging back and forth.

Think about it, this bathhouse. The world of the bathhouse is busy, and the nunnery is quiet, dusty, and dusty. It's a strange combination.

In the twilight, after taking a bath, the curtain was lifted and the whole body was fully penetrated, glancing at the nunnery at random.

In that year, the young nun who came to fetch the nunnery was thirty-three when she turned around.

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