The breeze was blowing, the sun was shining in the green fields, the small flowers were swaying in the wind, and the birds were flying over their heads, and the laughter of the children was gliding past them. This has been a bright human world, I sat on the grass, the blue sky has gently passed the clouds. At the moment, calm water, very relaxed, original, peace is a kind of happiness, a good self-evident. Head, a smile, and a period of time. Follow a wisp of fragrance, with the truth, the beautiful days of poetry.

The road of life is long, don Akiba Shizumi, will usher in the snow dancing. Days become full and full in one day. We can not predict the future, but we have to live now, I do not know who I will meet in this life, but I will cherish what I have met, cherish what I have now, and seriously live every day. Life is a kind of beautiful practice. The future of life, like a flower, but also may open. Years are full of love.

Quiet time, such as small bridges, such as small flowers in the wind swaying. Love a person quiet thinking, that gently read such as blue and white fall into the bottom of my heart, still water lake, you are the light blue and white woman, you still have a curtain dream. Those who walked through the scenery, that occasionally ripples in the heart of the people, has been a beautiful once. When the general water slide, gradually learn to do their own quiet, and no longer entangled for trifles, no longer someone will hurt yourself, you will find that the time has been very beautiful.

In a quiet time, listening to a song, or make a cup of tea, taste the taste through youth, years of baptism, I gained a lot of experience in mature, read in the perception of the meaning of life. Breeze blowing gently, the distance seems cicadas chirping, who was blown off the petals, still retained fragrance. Compassion, light embrace of the moonlight, life in such a quiet interpretation of the plain, I use a simple heart to write the eternal life.

Walk in the time field, experiencing rain muddy, I believe, will meet the sunshine rainbow. Some get, not necessarily long; some lose, not necessarily will not have. Let the heart learn to dance in the sun; let the soul learn to smile in pain.