Rain is my middle school classmate 30 years ago. The rain at that time, the youth lively, bright beautiful, the head is tied two small braids, start way to jilt, a pair of very lovely appearance, is the class flower that the class is recognized.
Not long ago, the students met with each other and I saw the rain again. As that year, she was so outstanding, so handsome, that figure, that kind of charm, shawls long hair natural curve, bright smile vividly, brow appearing mature steady, moderate gestures appropriately. It can be felt that the rain is still the focus of the students, and still is the beautiful scenery of the people.
The spring and autumn period, the fingers of the spring. Those of us who were born in the late 1960 s, is not like our fathers, experiencing so many disasters, suffered less bitter, acidity, accompanied with the sufferings of the parents can also grow, and thus left a deep memory of that era.
My home is in the country and the rain is in the town. There was a big difference between the country and the town. The town's children can see it at a glance, especially the girls in towns, which are more clean and beautiful than the country girls.
The rain has been spoiled by parents and better dressed than other girls. The father of rain often goes on a business trip, and every time he comes back, he buys new clothes for the rain, which both envying the female students and the male students to keep a few eyes on the rain.
Of course, I love the rain. I have made the rain repeatedly in the rain, and I have been exposed to the rain again and again, but I can't help but get to the rain again and again.
The party, I asked the rain, do you remember me? Do you remember my tricks? "Remember," said the rain, "remember, how could I forget your naughty looks and tricks!"
I have a deep memory of my memory: on a Sunday, I and another male student, knowing that the rain and another girl went to the cinema, followed them to the cinema and sat in the back of the rain. At that time, I actually ate the bear heart leopard, hands on the tail of rain. The first time I reached out and pulled, the rain did not touch the body; The second time, the rain stood up and stared at it, muttering a few words of hate, rising out of the cinema and not seeing the movie.
The rain told the party that it had been for many years, but I still had a fever, and the students laughed. I am willing to give a cup of wine, but I would rather be embarrassed. At the moment when I looked up at the wine, I saw the rain staring at me, laughing and smiling. It seemed a little happy and worried.
At this moment, this situation, the chest surge, intoxicating my heart. When I go to school, I don't know what to do with my feelings. Decades later, it will be a fond memory. That night with my classmates K song, I sang zhang xueyou "through your black hair of my hand", students screaming, "oh... It's for the rain!"
Nowadays, the communication method is rich and developed, QQ, WeChat, mobile phone, the former students who have lost contact, again gutter together. Among the students, some were teachers, some were judges, some were officers, some were civil servants, and others had become grandparents.
Can often think of school, other students passing notes, chaozuoye, nickname, who and who a group, who with a group, who did what things, what's ugly, who lost memories together, laughing together, like and return to the teenager s...
I didn't spend much time with yu, but I was impressed by the impression. I remember that when the new school year started, the rain turned to other schools, which made me feel lost for a while. After graduating from high school, I went to the army and never saw rain again.
Later, she learned that the rain had dropped out early, because she loved her father because of the illness, and the rain had replaced her father in the factory and took part in the work early. My father died prematurely, bringing too much unhappiness to the rain, too much grief and pain...
The father of the rain was a veteran and a man of great importance. While still in the rain school, the rain father and friends chat, promised to marry the rain to the friend son, the daughter-in-law.
It was such a promise that after the death of his father, the father's friend's family kept coming to the door, and the rain was confused and married, and the muddleheaded man was the mother.
It is good to be wise and virtuous. Soon after the marriage, rain came to work in the county seat. In the new unit, rain every day early work, sweeping water, very diligent, colleagues like her very much. Because the rain is diligent, hard work, able, later transferred to the institution, the work has been smooth.
It is often said that affection is the basis of marriage. The rain came into my father's promise, whether it was right or wrong, rain couldn't say, but the rain didn't feel happy.
Soon after the rain was born, the man in the rain fell in love and couldn't get home all day. One man took the children, took up all the housework, and sometimes carried his son to work. My colleague wayan, watching the rain, tried to help her as much as she could. Rain once sought out her man theory, in exchange for a fight.
At work the next day, the colleague saw the rain two eyes bruise, ask her what is the matter, rain says carelessly touch. The rain answered lightly, but the heart was bleeding, but I did not want to let anyone know. The rain had been holding on for a long time, the colleague knew the truth, aggrieved, persuaded her to divorce.
The rain, for the sake of his son, rejected the man who had loved her, and rejected the man who had chased her crazily. Rain did not know how many boxing feet, the weight of the lightest, only 70 jin, already thin to take off shape. The bitterness of the heart makes the rain sad and disappointed.
Years wasted no time. The rain said that her heart was cold, like a cold winter hard to ward off, cold and hard to return to Yang. It had been so long that it seemed as if it had happened yesterday.
Yes, the bitterness that has been tasted, the sin that has been suffered, how easily forget. There was no running water, living in the streets, eating well water, and carrying two buckets in the rain. I didn't know where to put the two buckets of water from the first floor to the fifth floor.
The son grew up and went to school, and the rain saved the best schools for the children. Rain puts all energy and sustenance on the son, rain or shine, every day. The son went to high school, and the rain beat his brains.
Son of adolescent rebellion, infatuated with the Internet to play games. When the rain came to the school to pick up the son, but found in the net bar, the rain simply collapsed, the first time to hit the tall son. The son cried, and the rain began to cry.
On a rainy day, the rain was on the way to pick up his son, he broke his wrist and now he has a scar on his wrist. The son in his mother's hard work, realized that he was wrong, never went into the Internet cafe, from now on good school.
Just after the Spring Festival, I went back to visit my hometown. When the rain came, I went to the countryside demonstration base. I went with the rain, halfway up the road, and suddenly the wind, though it was spring, cold and steep.
I proposed to the rain: "shall we find a place for tea and chat?" The rain readily agreed. The rain joked: "are we making up for the shortcomings of life, like in love?" I am very happy, say in the mouth: "we all old, also say what love not love, as long as the heart still have, be the biggest lucky!"
She responded, "I haven't been in a relationship for the rest of my life. I don't know what it's like to be in a relationship. Can you make me feel bad?" I tickle her: "you belong to puppy love, we are still in school, you get married early, don't say wait for me, you are precocious than we all."
Listen to me like this, the rain is silent, leisurely glance at me, like Chen to complain: "still say, you originally have a thief heart, have no a thief courage, you zha do not actively pursue me?" After that, the rain beat lightly on my shoulder, then the conversation, and the son's current job, talking about my son's girlfriend.
Rain said, regardless of daughter-in-law beautiful not beautiful, high degree of culture is not high, family condition is good, her only wish, is the day of their future, can live in peace, running smoothly, not noisy. I can hear it, it's the truth of rain. For decades, the heart of rain was too eager for calm, ease, and stability.
The rain always wanted a warm home and someone who loved her. I have been hiding the rain in my heart, can I meet the hope of rain today? Am I the one expected by the rain? Continues to lurk? Is it out of the cocoon? It is very contradictory, very difficult!
With rain students, each other still treasure that wonderful. I always carry that sweet memory, rain also did not treat me as an outsider. To live to this season, rain has words like to say to me, I am an impatient person, with her, but learned to be patient to listen, and willing to share her happiness and sorrow.
She looked up and asked me if she was a woman with a story. I said she was at least the strongest, kindest, most sensible, intellectual woman in the story.
The rain smiled and laughed happily. I saw the rain from her shining eyes.