The first snow came in 2018! A New Year's day!
In this white world, I listened quietly to the falling snow, and sometimes walked to the windowsill, and stretched out my hand out the window to feel the temperature of the snow; Sometimes apartment central hk, I would walk out of the house at night in the quiet of the night, standing in the empty space and talking to the snowflakes dancing in the air.
Cher, perhaps you feel my hope, maybe you hear my call, maybe you see my eyes searching. At the beginning of the New Year, you dance and fly to my side. You have been a great uproar, pulling up the white curtains for me; You whisper, and send me a mild concern.
Snow, you are the spirit of winter, you are may's bosom friend.
The snow dance is more enchanting Master of Architecture hong kong, may laugh the cliff fragrance float. Think of this snow and may, once assigned to the literati moke how many poetic sentiment, let those beautiful poems from distant countries. The fate of the snow and may is a story of how much. "Mei xuexue three points white, snow but a plum." "There is no snow, no spirit, no poet." Snow and may have been the constant yearning of people since ancient times, just like peach blossoms and spring, clear Dutch and summer, falling leaves and autumn.
The red dust billows, there are a few cold thin, should be more convinced that there are several warmth. If I could, I would like to take a prune, with the warmth of my heart rooted in my heart. In the day of the snowflakes dancing, I have a red clay stove, and I will cook tea with snow. If you come Hong Kong serviced apartments, I will talk with you, and I will be with you.
A winter snow fell on the earth, and it washed away the troubles of the people. The joy that snow brings to us is so thick that we can see the brow of spring. I want to meet you early in the coming year, you may wish me to be quiet, I will make you smile. You promise me not to abandon, I make you fondly embrace.